7 Best Websites to Optimize Page Loading Speed – Website Load Testing Tools

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Best tools to check the web speed.

Tips on how to improve the website or blog loading speed!

Website speed and loading time are becoming crucial day by day and they even effect how others see at your website and blog, including search engines, like Google and the others.

Webpage speed does impact your website’s performance in this or that way.No webmaster can afford to ignore and avoid this important parameter in a web property today. It’s time you start taking it seriously.

1. Google Page Speed Insight

PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers ]

Google Page Speed Insight will analyze the performance and speed of your web pages and give you suggestions on how you can make your site faster, increase search engine rankings and performance.

2. Pingdom: Website Speed Monitoring Tool!

If, you too are concerned about the performance of your personal or business websites and the downtime offered by your website bothers you, than welcome to Pingdom!

Pingdom is a smart solution for the monitoring and control of various websites and the flow of data through them globally.

3. GTmetrix

GTmetrix for Website Speed and Performance Optimization ]

Website optimization is an important aspect of any website. Since many people are very busy, they get bored by waiting for a website to load. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you test a website and ensure that it is displayed within a very short time before a user closes it and moves on to the next website.

4. YSlow

YSlow – Open Source Website Speed measurements Project ]

Yslow analyzes a given web page and then determines why it’s slow based on the Yahoo!’s rules for high-performance sites. It summarizes the displays statistics of the web page, webpage’s components, and provides suggestions which could help in enhancing the performance of the web pages.

5. Webpagetest

WebPagetest – Website Performance and Optimization Test ]

Webpagetest helps developers run a free site speed test from different locations around the world at real consumer connection speeds and using real browsers. You can use it to perform simple or testing including content blocking, video capture, multi-step transactions and much more.

6. LoadImpact

Load Impact: Performance testing for DevOps ]

Website speed also depends on how well the server can scale and perform. Load impact offers users with on-demand and automated performance testing. You can use it to test your site, API, web app, or mobile app instantly with up to 1.2 million concurrent users.

7. Showslow

Show Slow ]

Show slow is an open source tool that webmasters use to monitor various site performance metrics over time. It captures the results of Google Page Speed Insight, dynaTrace Ajax Edition rankings, Webpage Test and YSlow and graphs them to help the developer understand how the elements of site are affecting its performance.